State of the Great Lakes 2022

Posted: July 29, 2022
Cover of the State of the Great Lakes 2022 Report

The Governments of Canada and the United States are pleased to release the State of the Great Lakes 2022 reports, which provide an overview of the status and trends of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

There has been tremendous progress to restore and protect the Great Lakes, including the reduction of toxic chemicals, and a reduction in the establishment of new non-indigenous aquatic species. However, some indicator assessments demonstrate that there are still significant challenges, including the impacts of nutrients, especially in Lake Erie and localized areas, and the impacts of invasive species. Climate change is already exacerbating some threats. The continued actions of many groups and individuals are contributing to further improvements in the Great Lakes. Overall, the Great Lakes are assessed by the State of the Great Lakes indicators as Fair and the trend is Unchanging.

Pursuant to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Canada and the United States, together with their many partners, have established a suite of 9 indicators of ecosystem health to assess the state of the Great Lakes. The assessment is made based on indicators such as drinking water, fish consumption, and beach closures. Over 110 government and non-government Great Lakes scientists and other experts worked to assemble available data and prepare the report.

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