(Webinar) Let’s Talk Lake Erie: Cracking the Code – Herring Gull Eggs and Chemical Contaminants in Lake Erie

Posted: February 22, 2024
Lake Erie webinar poster

Learn how chemical contaminants have impacted the Lake Erie ecosystem in our upcoming webinar, “Cracking the Code: Herring Gull Eggs and Chemical Contaminants in Lake Erie” on May 15, 2024, at 10 am CT (11 am ET) as part of our Let’s Talk Lake Erie! webinar series.   

Hear about the joint efforts of Canada and the U.S. to address chemicals of mutual concern (CMCs), which are substances that pose environmental and human health risks in the Great Lakes. Also learn how herring gulls have become our invaluable allies in understanding chemical pollutants in the Great Lakes and how decades of gull monitoring have shaped our understanding of the health of Lake Erie’s ecosystem. 

Guest speakers include Lisa Sealock (Environment and Climate Change Canada), Marta Venier (Indiana University) and Shane DeSolla (Environment and Climate Change Canada).  

This webinar is free, open to the public and suitable for anyone who is passionate about the Great Lakes!  


For questions, contact james.d.luke@usace.army.mil  or carol.kim@ec.gc.ca.

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