Development of the 2018 Lake Erie Lakewide Action and Management Plan

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement commits Canada and the United States to prepare and issue Lakewide Action and Management Plans (LAMPs) for each of the five Great Lakes every five years on a rotational basis. We are pleased to advise you that the Lake Erie Partnership has begun to develop the Lake Erie LAMP, which is scheduled for completion in March 2019.

At this time, we are offering interested agencies, organizations, and individuals an opportunity to identify and provide: 1) your perspective on the environmental conditions, issues, or concerns that should be considered during the development of the Lake Erie LAMP; and 2) any suggestions on actions or approaches for addressing them.

The Lake Erie LAMP is expected to have a similar scope and format to the Lake Huron LAMP, released in 2018. A copy of the Lake Huron LAMP can be found here.

This is your first chance to participate in the development of the Lake Erie LAMP, but not your last! A draft of the document will be made available for comment later this year.

Please direct your suggestions (and any questions) to the Lake Erie Partnership using the Contact Us page by June 29, 2018.