Binational Biodiversity Conservation Strategies to be Implemented under the Lakewide Management Annex

image of Isle Royal shore
Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior, Michigan.
Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Mark E. Hodgkins.

Lakewide habitat and species protection and restoration conservation strategies (known as biodiversity conservation strategies) have been completed for each Great Lake. The completion of these strategies satisfies a commitment in the Habitat and Species Annex of the Agreement. Lakewide Action and Management Plans (which are developed pursuant to the Lakewide Management Annex) are the principal mechanisms for coordinating the implementation of the strategies. These lake-specific strategies address current and future threats to conservation targets and water quality, are products of extensive collaboration, and reflect the unique nature of each lake and its conservation needs. Executive Summaries of each strategy can be found here.

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Pamela Finlayson, Environment and Climate Change Canada